Harnessing Data Science for Health Discovery and Innovation in Africa (DS-I Africa), Partnerships & Outreach working group hosted a lively discussion 17 July 2023 “Experiences with partnerships from IBM Research and DS-I Africa” with two excellent guest speakers Skyler Speakman, Senior Scientist/Manager and Charity Wayua, Director, both at IBM Research Nairobi, Kenya. IBM Research Africa works at multiple levels using AI, ML and Quantum Networks on impactful projects. These include improving ease to doing business with the Kenyan Government by streamlining workflows and at the county level by tracking waste collection. Partnerships with USAIDS to improve boreholes inrural areas, while with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation there are multiple projects including Malaria Modelling toward intervention planning. Close to home IBM Research Africa also partners with DS-I Africa Projects MADIVAand HE2AT around digital health. We are playing AI catch-up in Africa, we need partners that can harness AI for the benefit of all Africans and we see that IBM Africa is certainly making a positive impact. We will continue the partnerships conversation by following up on the questions posted in the chat for Skyler and Charity. The DS-I Africa Consortium
https://dsi-africa.org/ is hosting networking events in September (online) and November (Rwanda). These events are supported by the DS-I Africa Coordinating Centre/eLwazi OPSD CC NIH funded Grant. #DSIAfricaDataScience #AI #NIH #H3Africa